Persian Loz or Saffron Loz

Persian Loz or Saffron Loz is a popular delicacy in Iran. Loz main ingredients are Saffron and Almond flour.

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Almond Flour – 140 gm

Sugar – 100 gm

Water – 1/3 cup + 2 tbs

Saffron – A pinch

Cardamom Powder – 1/4 tsp


Mix together saffron and 2 tbs hot water.

Cover and set aside for 20 minutes.

In a pan mix together 100 gm of sugar and 1/3 cup of water.

Bring it to boil.

Set flame medium and let the syrup boil until it is thick and bubbly.

Add the saffron water and cardamom powder and cook for a minute.

Remove from flame and add the almond flour.

Keep mixing until the mixture become thick.

Line a tin with cling film and pour the mixture into it.

Cover and allow it to cool completely.

Remove from the tin and slice it up into squares or diamonds.


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