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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Iranian Mathematics Genius Maryam Mirzakhani Dies at Age 40

Maryam Mirzakhani, the Iranian-born mathematics genius who in 2014 became the first woman to win the Fields Medal – the equivalent of the Nobel...

Surviving 438 Days in a Maximum-Security Prison, Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Defends Iran’s Detainees

By Peyman Pejman
Egypt’s notorious maximum-security Scorpion prison is reserved for terrorists, criminals and high-level political prisoners. And yet that's exactly where Egyptian-Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy – at the time the bureau chief of Al Jazeera's English channel – spent a total of 438 days in captivity.

Wearable Airbag Designed to Prevent Hip Fractures in the Elderly

An airbag that inflates when an elderly person begins to fall could help them avoid serious injury, while preventing high treatment costs, according to...

Rare Azure diamond and historic Russian jewels to go to auction

A rare fancy vivid blue diamond went on display at Sotheby's in London on Tuesday. Known as 'The Sky Blue Diamond' it weighs 8.01 carats...

Tribute to Iranian cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad a sad note in Rio Closing ceremony

The Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil came to an end on Sunday (September 18) with gold medals for China, Iran and Australia as the...

Heart Failure of Iranian Cyclist Causes First ever death at Paralympics

RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Iranian cyclist Sarafraz Bahman Golbarnezhad has died after crashing in the C4-5 event at the Rio de...

‘Fitbits’ Make Internal Science Fiction Body Monitoring a Reality

Researchers have built dust particle-sized implantable wireless sensors that can monitor nerves inside the body in real time, according to researchers developing the technology. In...

Close-Up in London: Remembering Abbas Kiarostami

Abbas Kiarostami, the world-famous Iranian film director who passed away on July 4 in Paris, is being remembered in lectures, conferences and film screenings all...

BA’s Resumption of Flights to Tehran

Reuters London – British Airways resumed direct flights to Tehran on Thursday after four years of suspension due to western sanctions on Iran. The airline, owned...