Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Explanatory Letter

Why we created our subscription service

Our tailored subscription packages suit all needs. These packages offer the latest news, views and interviews on Iran from just $9.99 a month.

Our subscriptions also include a newsletter offering a snapshot of the week’s developments on Iran, and digital access to our rich archives, which hold all of Kayhan’s printed publications.

Your subscription will allow us to continue to bring you the stories that matter, and comes with bonus features — such as our online seminars, which give you the opportunity to meet top change makers and opinion leaders.

In a world full of disinformation and fake news, finding coverage that you can trust has never been more important.

Kayhan London and Kayhan Life are part of a journalistic legacy spanning more than eight decades — heirs to Kayhan (meaning ‘universe’ in Persian), Iran’s most widely read newspaper before the 1979 revolution.

Kayhan promoted freedom of the press, religious and sexual diversity, and cultural openness and tolerance. It is those very values that Kayhan London and Kayhan Life stand for today.

Providing our readers with trustworthy, insightful and unique perspectives on Iran is at the heart of our mission. We bring you quality journalism, and give a platform to some of the world’s leading voices on Iran. Our mission is an important one, and we offer you the opportunity to contribute to it.

We thank you for your support as we continue to shine a light on Iran and on the global Iranian community.

Kayhan is our shared universe — let us protect it together.

An Eight-Decade Journey

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