Thursday, September 21, 2023

Noosheh Joon

Noosheh Joon is a Persian phrase which is often translated as “may your soul be nourished”. Although there is no similar sentiment in English, it is a little like a wish for good health.

On this page, you will find Iran-inspired recipes from our weekly newsletter, featuring Persian cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs, food bloggers, and winners of our Kayhan Life Persian Cook-Off.

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Noosheh Joon!



Dal Adas (Red Lentil Soup) 

By Cooking with Yousef Dal Adas (Red Lentil Soup) is a dish from Southern Iran and is borrowed from the Indian dish, Masoor Dal (Dhal or...

Summer Popsicles Persian Style

Shekanjebin (Miint Syrup) with Teff (Khak Shir) & Sour Cherry (Albaloo) Popsicles Video by My Ghost Host on Instagram   Recipe for Mint Cucumber Sekanjabin Ice Popsicles Recipe...

Irooni Pasta Salad

Video and recipe by Nichole’s Kitchen LA on Instagram  I made up this "Irooni Pasta Salad " - Iranian flavors made into a pasta salad!...