Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Noosheh Joon

Noosheh Joon is a Persian phrase which is often translated as “may your soul be nourished”. Although there is no similar sentiment in English, it is a little like a wish for good health.

On this page, you will find Iran-inspired recipes from our weekly newsletter, featuring Persian cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs, food bloggers, and winners of our Kayhan Life Persian Cook-Off.

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Noosheh Joon!



Kids Try Iranian Food

In this episode of HiHo Kids adventurous American children try Iranian (Persian) cuisine for the first time, and give honest reviews. Video features Sharbat (a...

Persian Chicken and Greek Style Vegetables 

By Cafe Bagheri Persian Chicken and Greek Style Vegetables مرغ مجلسی ایرانی با سیب زمینی، لیمو و بروکلی بروش یونانی Café Bagheri is a virtual restaurant, a way for Ben Bagheri to share his passion for food...

Low Carb Saffron “Tahchin”

By Chef Shiva Sahebanfard In this episode of #FarhangFlavor by Farhang Foundation, Chef Shiva Sahebanfard of the popular Instagram page @FitKetoKitchen, reinvents the classic Persian...