Friday, July 10, 2020

Noosheh Joon

Noosheh Joon is a Persian phrase which is often translated as “may your soul be nourished”. Although there is no similar sentiment in English, it is a little like a wish for good health.

On this page, you will find Iran-inspired recipes from our weekly newsletter, featuring Persian cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs, food bloggers, and winners of our Kayhan Life Persian Cook-Off.

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Noosheh Joon!


Tachin with chicken flakes

By Roya Zandbiglari Ingredients : * 360g Basmati rice * 2 large chicken breasts * 1/2 cup dried burberries * 30g unsalted butter * 1 tsp saffron threads * 250g plain...

Salad Olovieh

By Roya Zandbiglari Ingredients: * 1 medium sized chicken * 7 medium sized potatoes * 7 eggs * 1 can of pickled cucumber (khiyar shur) * 800g of Mayonnaise * Salt,...

Lubia polo

By Roya Zandbiglari Ingredients:     - 2 cupsĀ  basmati rice - half kilo lamb meat cut into small cubes - 300g fresh or frozen green beans - 2 tbsp tomato...