Kale Pache

Recipe by Persian Good

Kaleh Pache is a popular traditional Persian dish, usually served as breakfast.


  • 1 sheep’s head and 4 trotters
  • 5 onions
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper powder
  • 2 leaves bay laurel
  • Dried onion powder, as much as required
  • Water as much as required


  • Wash and clean the head and the tatters of the sheep. To clean them each part, individually, must be held close to the flame of the gas burner so that the remaining hair and fluff on it will be burned, put all the parts in a big pot and wash them for at least 15 minutes. The first time you fill the pot with water the water will get dark and dirty. You should wash the parts long enough. When they are washed they won’t make the water dark and dirty anymore. Do not forget to wash the nasal ducts and the ear canals. Some people even brush the sheep’s teeth. You can start the process of cooking when the washing is finished.
  • To start cooking, cut the head in half and chop the onions in two pieces. Put the head, tatters, chopped onions, cloves of garlic, bay laurel and some pepper, turmeric and dried onion powder in the pot.
  • Fill the pot with water. Note that the level of the water must be higher. The ingredients at first the pot must be put on the strong flame of the gas burner for the water to start boiling. But when the water starts boiling the pot must be left on a lower flame of the gas burner for at least five hours. In the final thirty minutes of the process of the cooking add some salt.
  • This oily dish is served in two levels. At first its juice is poured into bowls and it’s eaten with crunchy pieces of Sangak bread and lemon juice. In the next step  the head and tatters are served with lemon juice and bread.

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