Tahdig Burgers

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Had to add a Persian HANGRY twist to this ?????? trend I’ve been seeing everywhere! ⁣

I present to you:⁣

??? ????? ?????? ???????⁣

Yes, you heard that right!! Enough said.⁣


⁣1. Cook 1.5 cups basmati rice⁣
2. Spray silicone muffin holders (oven safe) with oil.⁣
3. Add 1 TBS cooked rice and press down firmly in the middle so it makes a little cup.⁣
4. Spray the top generously with more oil.⁣
5. Air fry in 400 degrees for 25 minutes.⁣
6. Once cooked, heat up a pan with oil and fry the bottom of the rice for a few minutes.⁣