Kabab Tabei – Persian Pan Kebab

Written Recipe by: Shadi Hasanzade Nemati

Kabab Tabei (“pan kebab”) is a delicious dish that you can make if you like to have kebabs but you don’t want to use a grill or you don’t have one. It’s simple and can be ready in an hour with a handful of ingredients.

  • Meat: Traditionally my maman makes kabab tabei with a mixture of ground beef and lamb, I have made mine with only ground beef and the results are almost identical. It’s very important that the ground beef be as lean as possible and contains very little fat.
  • Onion: Must be grated and then squeezed very hard so all the excess juice (which we don’t need) is out
  • Mixing: All the ingredients should be mixed perfectly together and kneaded well. My maman always takes the mixture out of the bowl with her hand and drops it back in the bowl forty times. Works perfect every time!


Grate the onion, squeeze it and discard the excess water. Add in turmeric, salt and black pepper. Mix and knead very well until everything is well combined.

Pour a little olive oil in a large pan and spread the beef mixture at the bottom of the pan using a spatula or simply the tip of your fingers. Divide the beef mixture into kebab pieces 2 inch wide using a spatula.

Place the pan over medium heat and cover the pan with a lid. Once the beef mixture starts releasing its juice, uncover and let the juice evaporate. Using a spatula, flip the kebabs and let the other side cook as well until it’s brown. Fry tomatoes in another pan and serve Kabab tabei and fried tomatoes with some rice.



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