Instagram Blocks Kayhan London Account; Backup Site Can Be Used for Access

By Kayhan Life Staff

Instagram has blocked Kayhan London’s account.

The measure violates freedom of speech and information. Instagram management has yet to provide a reason or explanation for the action.

Kayhan London is an independent news outlet that advocates the rights of the Iranian people.

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Kayhan London’s readers, especially those in Iran who constitute its primary readership, can access the paper through its backup account ( Kayhan London hopes that its main Instagram account will be restored soon.

Meanwhile, readers can find the latest news, articles, and video clips on the ongoing nationwide protests in Iran on its backup account.

The move to block the paper’s main Instagram account most likely resulted from reports submitted to the messaging platform by an army of supporters and lobbyists for the Islamic Republic. Iran spends an exorbitant amount of money to fund these groups.

Kayhan London’s social media accounts and emails have been targeted by the Islamic Republic’s team of cyberspace hackers. They have continuously reported the paper’s social media accounts.

A social media report offers a means of extracting value from data based on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) and metrics (follows, likes, reach, growth, awareness, post-performance, engagements) over various time frames.

“Instagram implemented the ‘protection bill’ against Kayhan London in advance!” Kayhan London tweeted on August 1. “In violation of freedom to distribute information, Instagram has removed the account of Kayhan London, which is a professional news organization.”

Kayhan London urges all of its readers to support press and media freedom and oppose this inappropriate measure.

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