The Week in Review: December 1st – December 8th

Dec. 8 – A case alleging substantial corruption and fraud carried out by several government departments in Iran has been filed with the Iranian court system.

The case allegedly involves lawmakers in the agriculture ministry, governors of the Central Bank of Iran and Iranian Customs Administration bosses, according to a report by Iran International.

The officials are alleged to be involved in the $3.5 billion corruption case.

A court in Tehran has ordered the U.S. government to pay almost $50 billion in damages for the assassination of former Quds force leader General Qasem Soleimani.

Soleimani was killed during a targeted air strike in Baghdad, following claims by former U.S. President Donald Trump that the general had been planning attacks on American diplomats and military personnel in the Middle East.

The judgment also found 42 individuals and legal entities guilty, including Trump and former U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo, and called for the U.S. to apologize for the killing.

And Oberlin College said it had placed Mohammad Jafar Mahallati on indefinite leave, following a months-long campaign by an American-Iranian organization calling for his resignation.

Mahallati was accused of covering up human rights abuses in Iran while working as the regime’s UN ambassador.

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