Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Krisitin Orloff

Kristin Orloff holds a Masters degree in Education Administration, a Teaching Credential and a Bachelor of Art in literature and composition. She currently serves as a School Site Administrator and Project Manager for her local college. She has published several works, mentors young writers, and is an active member of her local writing community. Her passionate commitment to create opportunities for authentic conversation regarding Iranian culture, history and identity began with a simple conversation at a Little League field. This conversation, with gold medal wrestler and hall of fame coach Reza Abedi, has since changed her life. She is a mother, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, friend, leader, educator, scholar, writer, yogie, and a soon-to-be-scuba diver who is a lover of dogs, of dark chocolate, and of people. Her career in public education connects her to both the current issues on society’s battlefields and our incredible next generations. She hopes insights shared in her blog posts will sprinkle bits of wisdom, maybe some laughter or perhaps a reflection or two into a stolen moment of your day.