Weekly Roundup: Nov.2nd-Nov.9th

November 2nd - November 9th 2018

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Those of you who have had your morning coffee may have noticed that Kayhan Life’s online presence has undergone a powerful transformation. 

In an effort to bring you more of the news you want to read, we’ve updated our site. It is now much easier to access our arts and culture stories, which sit directly below our video reel showcasing the Top Stories of the day. 

As U.S. sanctions ripple across the globe, our Business section keeps you up to date with the latest economic developments, and the Special Reports featured in our Analysis section offer in-depth coverage on decisions affecting Iran and its people. We’ve also launched a Human Rights section, covering child welfare, gender issues, minorities and of course, women’s rights. 

Ba Dorood,

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Facing New Sanctions, Iranians Vent Anger at Rich and Powerful

Iran has been hit by a wave of protests during the last year, some of them violent, but as economic pressures rise, people are increasingly pointing fingers at the rich and powerful, including clerics, diplomats, officials and their families.

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Four Iranian Oil Platforms in the Persian Gulf Halt Their Operations 

An informed oil source disclosed to Kayhan of London that the four Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) platforms in the Persian Gulf have halted their operations.

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Swiss Talk with the US, Iran About Humanitarian Payment Channel 

Switzerland is holding talks with the United States and Iran about launching a humanitarian payment channel to help ensure food and drugs keep flowing to the Islamic Republic.

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The Islamic Republic Systematically Persecutes Bahais, Spokesman Says

Eight people of Bahai faith who had been arrested by the authorities between September 16 and October 17 in Karaj on unspecified charges remain in custody at Tehran Evin prison.

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Iran’s Household Waste Piles Up at Dump Sites, Official Warns

Only five percent of Iran’s garbage is properly buried in landfills, and the rest is piled up at dump sites, according to Habib Razi, the head of the Organization for Municipalities and Rural Services.

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New Book Takes Close Look at Iran’s Presidential System

“The Quest for Authority in Iran: A History of the Presidency from Revolution to Rouhani” is a new book that delves deep into the workings of the presidency in post-revolutionary Iran.

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Producer of Iranian Horror Movie Armin Amiri Says the Genre Has Potential

Iranian-born Armin Amiri is an American movie actor, producer, restaurateur and a former New York City club owner known for its toughest rope policy.

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