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United Nations Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan said unilateral sanctions against Iran were intensifying existing humanitarian and economic challenges in the country, creating a direct threat to the human rights of Iranians.

The rapporteur made the comments in a report filed on May 18, following a 12-day visit to the Islamic Republic. Ms. Douhan said sanctions were directly responsible for high inflation in the country, growing poverty and the high cost of medicines.

The report did not mention the Iranian regime’s economic mismanagement of the country or the extent to which widespread government corruption may have contributed to Iran’s current humanitarian crisis.

The BBC said it had received information that Iranian regime sympathizers working at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter had taken down posts showing anti-government protestors demonstrating in Iran.

The report by BBC Persian alleged that employees of Meta, Facebook and Instagram had deliberately removed the posts.

According to the report, Meta — which owns Facebook and Instagram —employs several hundred Persian language reviewers with one moderator appearing to confirm that some of the reviewers are supporters of the Iranian regime.

And the second of three endangered Asiatic Cheetah cubs bred in captivity in Iran has died.

The first cub — who died two weeks ago — had suffered a congenital malformation of his left lung. An autopsy will be carried out on the second cub in the coming days.

The deaths signify a blow to conservation efforts for the critically endangered cheetahs, which are now only found in the wild in Iran and are part of a United Nations-supported protection program.

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