Nov. 25 –  Women and children have suffered sexual abuse and torture during the protests, according to a group of activists charged with monitoring the condition of protestors detained in Iran.

The committee — which said it had identified more than 1,600 prisoners, including 65 children — recorded incidents of sexual harassment, threats of rape, torture and the blocking of access to medical provisions by Iranian officials.

More than 14,000 people have been arrested during the current protests, with children being sent to psychological centers to be “rehabilitated” by the government for taking part in the demonstrations.

A growing portion of Iran’s workforce joined the nationwide protests this week, in the form of unified strikes calling for better pay and working conditions.

Meanwhile a call from the Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties urged Iranians to launch their own strikes in support of Kurdish people being oppressed by Iran’s regime.

The involvement of a wide range of groups taking part in the workers’ strikes, who have also supported and engaged with the anti-regime demonstrations in the country, aims to bring an end to the country’s theocratic rule.

And an alleged Iran regime plot to threaten journalists working for the Saudi-backed newspaper Iran International, included planned terror attacks against its reporters, according to the outlet.

Iran International said Israel’s intelligence unit, Mossad, had alerted UK authorities to the potential attacks against its London-based journalists.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are considered foes, engaged in a decades-long cold war whose rivalry is rooted in a desire for political and economic dominance of the Middle East.

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