Pandemic-Inspired Iranian Film ‘Motherhood’ Released on Social Media

By Adom Saboonchian The acclaimed Iranian author and screenwriter Ghazi Rabihavi and the renowned theater actress Soussan Farrokhnia and director-producer Ethan Jahan recently collaborated on a video art project titled “Motherhood” which has now been published on social media. Ms. Farrokhnia provides the voiceover and narration for the 17-minute short film, which deals with the current COVID-19 pandemic and the violent protests in November in Iran that left some 300 people dead and scores of others injured. Mr. Rabihavi left Iran in the mid-1990s and has been living in London ever since. Several of Rabihavi’s plays have been translated into English and Dutch and staged in recent years. [aesop_image img="" panorama="off" credit="Ghazi Rabihavi. Kayhan London" align="center" lightb
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