The Week in Review: March 6th – March 13th

The novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has claimed the lives of at least 527 people in Iran so far, according to official data, with at least a further 11,364 infected with the virus in the country.

Javaid Rehman, the U.N. Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran, criticized Iran for its ongoing discrimination of women, including their arbitrary detention in prison. In a report issued on March 11, Rehman also noted the ongoing arrests of lawyers and advocates in Iran and the systematic oppression of freedom of expression and opinion by the Iranian government.

The U.S. struck military targets inside Iraq which the Trump administration said belonged to Iran-backed militia. Iraq’s military said the U.S. air strikes had hit four locations in Iraq which housed formal Iraqi police and military units, in addition to the paramilitary groups, and one strike hit a civilian airport.

Police in Iraq said three Iraqi soldiers were killed and four had been wounded in the strikes. The strikes had been in response to a rocket attack on Iraq on Wednesday, targeting a military camp north of Baghdad. Two U.S. personnel and one from the UK were killed.  No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

And the U.S. gave details about Iran’s nuclear sites after the International Atomic Energy Agency called out the Iranian government for suspected undeclared activities and materials relating to its nuclear program. The U.S. said it had new information on the locations of some of the sites and added that one of those sites may have hosted uranium metal.

  • A detained dual national incarcerated inside Iran’s most notorious prison found a way to shed light on the appalling conditions inside the jail as Coronavirus spread through the wards.
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  • The Supreme Court of France upheld the extradition of Jalal Ruhollah Nejad to the United States. The Iranian engineer is wanted by the U.S. for allegedly violating sanctions against Iran.
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  • Iranian businesses struggle as the impact of the Coronavirus takes hold.
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  • This year’s Berlin International Film Festival honored the award winning Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof.
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