Londongrad, Iran’s Hit Squads: Podcast Series

By Paul Caruana Galizia

Tortoise Media

(The following podcasts are by the award-winning reporter Paul Caruana Galizia for Tortoise Media, a U.K. news site dedicated to long-form, investigative journalism. They are being published by Kayhan Life in partnership with Tortoise Media.)

Award-winning investigative reporter Paul Caruana Galizia returns to report the story of the foiled assassination attempts on British soil of Iranian nationals. Since January 2022, there has been an attempted assassination or kidnap at least once a month – all ordered by the Iranian government.

In this four-part series, Paul delves into how these attempts unfolded, why they have become so prevalent and who is behind them. It’s a story about Iran, about freedom of the press, but most of all, it’s about Britain – who the country chooses to protect and why…

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