Reza Pahlavi Says Iran Is Held ‘Hostage’ By the Regime 

By Kayhan Life Staff

The Islamic Republic is using proxy wars in the Middle East to stay in power, and is holding the country hostage, Prince Reza Pahlavi has said in a broadcast interview. 

“The Islamic regime doesn’t want peace. Hezbollah doesn’t want peace. Hamas doesn’t want peace. So as long as these threats to peace exist, we cannot have stability and real cooperation,” he told the Syrian-American journalist Hayvi Bouzo in Part 2 of his broadcast interview on the “Yalla” show. 

The “Yalla” show was launched by Len Khodorkovsky, a former US State Department official, and Bouzo in 2022. According to Khodorkovsky, 90 percent of the show’s audience resides in the Middle East and are Arabic speakers. Previous guests included former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the first Emirati Astronaut Hazaa Al Mansoori, and the former U.S. Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of State Brian Hook. 

The Prince stressed that a future secular democratic Iran would become a strategic partner for Israel and reverse decades of hostility by joining together in the Cyrus Accords to promote peace and prosperity.   

“Iran today is kept hostage by the regime that promotes all this conflict,” he said. “Our liberation is not just our liberation. It’s also an end to all these conflict-central threats to other countries, and that can only be conducive to a much brighter and better future. “

In Part 1 of the interview broadcast last week, the Prince pointed out that Iranians are “in the phase of struggle to overthrow this regime.” In Part 2, aired this week, he emphasized the importance of trust in the future: “It’s important that now we move beyond hope. We believe that it can be done.”

Other than politics, the Prince addressed more personal topics on the show, including the engagement of his daughter, Princess Iman.  


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