Two Iranian men sit on a dried-up Zayandeh Rud river riverside in the city of Isfahan, 450 km (281 miles) south of Tehran, December 14, 2021. Zayandeh Rud is one of the main tourist attractions of Isfahan, which has completely dried up, also historical bridges on the river may be damaged due to subsidence of the Zayandeh Rud riverbed if the drought continues. REUTERS./

By Kayhan Life Staff

One out of every three Iranian adults is keen to leave the country, a survey by Keyou Analytics has shown. Close to 33.4 percent of the 1,300 Iranians surveyed in a telephone poll in the November-December period said they wished to leave Iran permanently.

Those who took part in the “Desire to Emigrate” survey were adult men and women of different age groups and from big cities, small towns, and rural regions. The number of people contacted in each region was proportionate to its population.

A previous survey conducted in 2016 showed that 29.8 percent of Iranian adults wished to emigrate to other countries. The recent survey by Keyou Analytics showed that the number had risen to 33.33 percent, higher than the regional average of 15 percent and the global average of 24 percent.

The survey showed that 46 percent of the adult population in Tehran, 41 percent of people living in provincial capitals, 28 percent of residents in smaller towns, and 29 percent of rural inhabitants wanted to leave Iran.

While 47 percent of those wanting to emigrate were university graduates, 27 percent had high school diplomas. Also, 43 percent were younger than 30, and 29 percent were older than 30.

According to the survey, 37 percent and 30 percent of adult men and women respectively expressed a desire to leave Iran for other countries. Some 67 percent of people preferred to emigrate with other family members, and 83 percent wanted to leave Iran permanently.

One-third of those who took part in the phone survey said they would return to Iran at some point. Most of those contacted cited financial reasons for leaving Iran, and 80 percent said they hoped for more economic opportunities abroad.

The survey said 22 percent wanted to leave Iran for cultural activities, 7 percent for political reasons, and 6 percent for education.

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