Weekly Roundup: Dec.14th – Dec.21st.

November 30th - December 7th 2018

Welcome to the weekend.

As America plans to withdraw its troops from Syria, experts are suggesting that the withdrawal could put Iran in control of key areas within the Levant. Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops was opposed by nearly every member of his national security team. The move has Israel to announce that it is increasing its efforts in Syria in order to combat Iranian government-aligned forces.

Despite mass detentions and ongoing hardships faced by Iranians inside the country, fueled by a combination of U.S.-imposed sanctions and economic mismanagement, Iranians are keeping their spirits up with Yalda celebrations. Yalda, which is celebrated on 20 or 21 December, means rebirth and is the longest and darkest night of the year (Winter Solstice). The tradition originates from Iran’s Zoroastrian period: Iranians stay awake long into the night to ward off bad luck, reading poetry by Hafez and Rumi and eating specially prepared dishes.

Get into the Yalda spirit with this sumptuous recipe for Saffron Brittle, a morish festive treat which has, to this day, defied home-baking.


Shabe Yalda Mobarak! The Kayhan Life Team


Recipe for Saffron Brittle by Fae’s Twist and Tango.

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The Week in Review: Dec.14th-Dec.21st

Trump’s surprise decision Thursday to pull U.S. troops out of Syria may leave entire areas of the Levant open to potential control by Iranian government forces seeking to take control of the region, according to experts.

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Iranian Child Rights Activist Arrested on Spying Charges as Mass Detentions Continue

Charities and civil rights activists took to the internet on World Human Rights Day to highlight the Iranian government’s track record on a wide range of issues including unlawful detention and workers’ rights.

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Iran May Reinstitute Military Service Buy-Out Scheme to Boost Army Budget

The Iranian government may reinstitute the national military service buy-out scheme in 2019 to make up for the current deficit in the Iranian military budget.

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Iran’s Environmentalists Oppose Plan to Take Caspian Seawater to Salty Lowlands

More than 40 conservationist groups have written to President Hassan Rouhani demanding an immediate stop to a plan to transport water from the Caspian Sea to Dasht-e Kavir (also known as the Great Salt Desert) in central Iran.

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Iran Confirms Death of Blogger Held on Security Charge

Iranian authorities have confirmed the death of a social media activist jailed on security charges, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported on Sunday, after Western rights groups said he had died following a 60-day hunger strike in prison.

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Russia, Iran, Turkey Back New Syria Constitution Body but Fail to Agree Makeup

Russia, Iran and Turkey, supporters of the main sides in Syria’s complex civil war, on Tuesday failed to agree on the makeup of a U.N.-sponsored Syrian Constitutional Committee but called for it to convene early next year to kick off a viable peace process.

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Hollywood Dentist Iman Sadri Interviews Stars on the Red Carpet

In Hollywood, where galas are an everyday occurrence, you are bound to find Dr. Iman Sadri front and center, microphone in hand, interviewing the stars sashaying up the red carpet.

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