L.A. Rock Vocalist Soraya Sebghati Would Love to Perform in Iran

By Fred Parvaneh

Soraya Sebghati is a songwriter and the lead vocalist of Night Talks (NightTalkstheband.com), a Los-Angeles-based alternative rock band.

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The group’s debut album “In Dreams” got strong reviews, and the first single “Green” was heavily featured on Los Angeles’ popular rock radio station, KROQ.

Soraya was born in L.A. in 1994 to Iranian parents and studied English and Comparative Studies at Occidental College. But music was always her calling. While improving her vocal skills in the “School of Rock” program, Soraya met her band-mates and formed the group “Black Top Saints” which eventually became “Night Talks”.

Kayhan Life recently spoke to Soraya Sebghati about her musical career and her future plans.

Q: Your first album did relatively well. When is the new album coming out and how is it going to be different from the first one?

A: We are currently recording the new material, but we do not have a set release date yet. We continue to play all of our new songs in our concerts so our fans can get a taste of what the new album will be like.

The second album will definitely have a more focused approach. Even though we were very happy with the first album, it was a learning experience for us. The second album will feature more keyboards and the songs will be more chorus focused.

Q: If you had a choice who would you like to collaborate with and who are the top three artists that have influenced your music?

A: If I had a choice, I would like to sing with Thom Yorke.  My top three favorite artists are Radiohead, Bjork and the third one keeps changing, but right now it’s Feist.

Q: What do you think is the best song you have written and why?

A: I think the best song we have written is going to be on the second album, but from the material that we have released, I would say it is our first single — “Green.” I was pleasantly surprised as to how many people gravitated to it and found it to be a catchy tune.


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Q: You have a very glamorous yet elegant persona on stage. How do you decide what to wear for each show?

A: Clothing is very important to me and I literally have an anxiety attack before every show. I rummage through my closet and try to put new things together, but my preference is to wear pants on stage. It gives me the comfort to prance around or bend down and get on the ground without any worries.

Q: Both your parents are Iranian. Do you speak Persian and have you worked with Iranian artists in the past?

A: I can understand a little bit of Persian but I don’t really speak the language. Growing up in Los Angeles I have had many Iranian artist friends and have networked with them extensively. In our recent concert at Zebulon in LA, we played with an Iranian woman named Kris Esfandiari and it was a great experience for us.

Q: Have you visited Iran, and given the opportunity, would “Night Talks” be willing to perform there?

A: I have not visited Iran, but would very much like to tour the country. Considering the current political climate, I don’t think we will be allowed to play there, but should things change we would welcome giving a concert. I know Iranians are big rock fans.

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