Exhibition of Iranian Protest Art Opens in DC, Hosted by NUFDI

By Katty Biglari

“Iran Rising,” an exhibition of Iranian protest art curated by an all-woman team of Iranian-American designers, artists and architects opened in Washington on Saturday Nov. 19, and will run through Nov. 22.





The five Iranian-American curators, designers and architects are: Goli Ganji, Mina Noorbakhsh, Shayda Ganji, Behnaz Razavi and Nazanin Izadi.

The exhibition aims to amplify the voices of the Iranian people in their more than two-month-long uprising against the Islamic Republic. It is organized by NUFDI, the National Union for Democracy in Iran — a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing the Iranian-American community which promotes human rights and democracy for Iranians. NUFDI’s policy director is Cameron Khansarinia.

“As Iranian-Americans, we are inspired by the Iranian people’s courage and resolve, and particularly by the young Iranian women and men leading their protests,” said the Iran Rising exhibition’s curators and designers.

“To show how a new generation of Iranians stands to reclaim Iran from the Islamic Republic, we are honored to host an exhibition of Iranian protest-related art, drawn directly from the Iranian people’s revolutionary movement,” they added.

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