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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Iranian-Born Actor Arsi Nami Stars in Award-Winning Short Film

 By Julie Ershadi Abbas Kiarostami isn’t the only Iranian who received praise in Cannes this year. Arsalan (Arsi) Nami, an Iranian-born artist, music therapist, and...

Cannes Film Festival Remembers Kiarostami, Screens His Last Movie

Abbas Kiarostami, the celebrated Iranian filmmaker who passed away in July 2016, was a Cannes Film Festival regular. Not only did he win the...

Afghan Rockers Meet Metallica In Award-Winning Iranian Movie

By Fred Parvaneh"Radio Dreams," the award-winning film by Babak Jalali, had its LA premiere on May 7. Produced by Marjaneh Moghimi, the movie is...

Rave Parties in the Iranian Desert Are Subject of New Documentary

By Julie Ershadi
In the Iranian poetic tradition, the desert is the symbol of a soul-searching spiritual journey, or a refuge from the eyes of the world. In Raving Iran, filmmaker Susanne Regina Meures’ 2016 documentary, the desert is the hiding place for a pair of modern revelers keen to express themselves away from the government’s reach.

Iranian Revolution Video Game Takes History to a Global Audience

By Julie Ershadi
For many Iranian emigres, the Islamic Revolution of 1979 is an event that they would rather put behind them. The memories can be much too painful. Yet for Navid Khonsari, who was born in Canada and raised in Iran until the Revolution, the only way out of the trauma is to work through it.

Another Oscar for Iran and Asghar Farhadi, the Director who Refused to Attend this...

Though he boycotted Hollywood's annual Awards Ceremony, Tehran-based film director Asghar Farhadi has repeated history, clinching a second Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for...

The Story of Iran’s Actresses Is Told in New Film; Aghdashloo Attends L.A. Screening

By Fred Parvaneh
Who were the first actresses in the history of Iranian cinema, and who are the female performers of today? A new documentary screened in L.A. last weekend brought answers to those questions - with Hollywood actress Shohreh Aghdashloo present both on screen and off.

Another Oscar for Iran? Farhadi’s ‘Salesman’ Is Nominated, But He’ll Skip the Awards

Asghar Farhadi became the first Iranian in history to win an Oscar: for his drama "A Separation," which took the prize for Best Foreign...

Iran’s First Feminist Qorrat al-Ayn Is Brought Back to Life in New Movie

By Katayoon Halajan
Shabnam Tolouei is an Iranian-born actress, stage director and playwright who moviegoers will remember as the lead actress in Shirin Neshat’s movie "Women Without Men" (winner of the Venice Film Festival's top Golden Lion award in 2009). Tolouei is now back

An Iranian’s Adventures in America: Maz Jobrani Discusses his New Movie

The Iranian-born actor and comedian Maziyar Jobrani – known as ‘Maz’ to most people – is a major hit in the U.S. That's thanks mainly to...