Threats to UK Journalists Writing About Iran, China and Hong Kong – Reporters Without Borders Survey

By Kayhan Life Staff

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is gathering information to better understand the experiences of UK-based journalists and associated media personnel who report on Iran, China and Hong Kong. The aim is to document any threats, intimidation or harassment journalists may have encountered because of their work, whether from identifiable or unidentifiable sources.

The introduction to the survey says:

“Participation in the survey is completely anonymous and will require around 15 minutes to complete. It covers aspects such as online and offline threats, the impact of any threats or harassment on your work, any measures taken to mitigate risks, and the response from police and other authorities.

By sharing your insights, you will contribute to a better understanding of the challenges journalists reporting on these countries face, and help us recommend ways to enhance the safety of journalists in the UK.”

The survey is open until Wednesday Aug. 16. For any inquiries about the survey, you can contact Regina Chung at [email protected]

The Survey Can Be Accessed Here

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