The Week in Review: June 2nd – June 9th

June 9 – Iran, China and Pakistan held their first ever joint counterterrorism conference this week.

The meeting was held in Beijing and focused on regional security threats, according to a statement issued by Islamabad.

The Chinese foreign ministry added that the countries had decided to hold the meeting on a regular basis.

The United Kingdom approved $1.3 billion worth of military and dual-use goods to Iran in the last decade, according to a report by Action on Armed Violence, a London-based charity which investigates evidence of armed violence against civilians globally.

A breakdown of the exports found that $1.2 billion had been received by the UK for aircraft and related technology, $5 million had been received for products relating to telecommunications and information security, while $45 was received for equipment which may have been used to produce weapons of mass destruction.

The report held that while the majority of items exported by the UK to Iran had been components for civil aircraft, it raised concerns that the items could be being used to enhance military planes.

And a leaked arms contract appeared to show that Iran had sold Russia ammunition for its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The 16-page document, which was shared with Sky News, detailed items including artillery, tank shells and rockets worth more than $1 million. Another document allegedly connected to the contract outlined costings for a tank, a Howitzer gun and ammunition shells, priced at an estimated $740,000.

Sky News was unable to verify whether the document was authentic.

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