Dec.17 – The UK, France and Germany told Iran this week that the window to reach an agreement over the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal was rapidly coming to an end, in a joint statement issued on Tuesday.

The three countries, who are all signatories to the deal and referred to as the E3, said Tehran’s escalating uranium enrichment program risked “undermining international peace and security and the global non-proliferation system.”

The E3 also accused Iran of walking back key compromises while also making maximalist demands.

Iran’s parliament approved a pay rise for teachers following nationwide protests and strikes by thousands of educators in the country.The demonstrators also called on the government to release detained teachers.

According to media reports and video footage published on social media, police used violent force against protestors during the demonstrations, sparking international outrage.

Measures passed by lawmakers on Wednesday approved a 20 million rial increase in wages, enabling teachers to earn at least $267 a month, if the law is enacted.

And tech corporation Microsoft warned that Iran had been exploiting a critical flaw in software being used by countries around the world.

The Java language-based software, known as “Log4J” is widely used by big businesses and a list of those corporations affected include large tech firms Cisco, Amazon Web Services and IBM.

Microsoft told CNN that the Iranian government-linked hacking group exploiting the vulnerability had a history of deploying ransomware. Microsoft said several more hacking groups from China, North Korea and Turkey were also exploiting the weakness in the software.


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