The Week in Review: June 16th – June 23rd

June 23 – Talks between Iran and the European Union about Iran’s nuclear program are believed to have accelerated in recent weeks, according to a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Speaking to CNN, the source said the discussions had allowed for a “de-escalation” of tensions between the parties.

The diplomat for the EU, Enrique Mora said talks with Iran’s lead nuclear negotiator, Ali Bagheri-Kani, had been “intense,” but resulted in constructive dialog on key issues including current US sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

The UK government launched an inquiry into allegations that researchers at British universities had helped Iran’s regime to develop technology that could be used to build its suicide drones.

Iran has been accused of selling thousands of drones to Russia for its illegal invasion of Ukraine, a charge which Iran denies.

The export of “dual-use” technology to Iran is banned by the UK, but several mechanical parts are still being sold by the UK to Iran for non-military equipment, which some analysts suggest could still make their way into equipment used by Iran’s Ministry of Defence.

And Giselle Shahrmad, the daughter of  Jamshid Sharmahd, a German-Iranian citizen sentenced to death after being accused of plotting to bomb a mosque in Iran in 2018, has filed a criminal complaint against the government.

The complaint was filed against eight senior members of Iran’s judiciary and its intelligence service, and alleges the men have committed crimes against humanity.

In a statement read out on Wednesday, Ms. Shahrmad said “the imminent execution of my father as a result of a show trial exemplify the untold crimes of the Iranian regime.”

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