The Week in Review: June 12th – June 19th


Iran’s reported death toll from the novel Coronavirus exceeded 9,000, as 87 additional deaths were recorded in one day.

Government figures estimate that at least 197,647 people have been infected with the virus, with 156,991 of those recovering from the disease. A media outlet for Iran’s judiciary said statistics released indicated that one Iranian inside the country died from Covid-19 every 12 to 15 minutes.

The United States said it would like face-to-face meetings with Iran to discuss prisoner releases, after several successful prisoner exchanges took place between the two countries. The comment was made by a senior U.S. diplomat, who also called for an indefinite arms embargo on Iran.

Britain, France and Germany demanded that the Iranian government cooperate in full with the UN’s nuclear watchdog, which has placed pressure on Tehran to provide access to locations which are suspected of being part of an historic attempt to develop nuclear weapons.

The sites were raised by Israel, which said it had seized documents from an archive providing clues to activities which may have taken place in the early 2000s inside Iran.

The European countries made the request in a resolution put before the watchdog’s board, made up of 35 countries. The motion, which was opposed by Iran’s allies, China and Russia, was passed by a vote of 25-2, with seven abstentions.

A new poll from Washington-based Gallup looking at Iran’s support in Iraq, which was produced by the Independent Institute of Administration and Civil Society Studies in Baghdad found that the Iranian government was losing favor inside the country.

The poll’s results saw the favorability of the United States among Iraqis doubling over the favorability of Iran, with Iran’s favorability rating at 15% while at least 30% of Iraqis favored the U.S.

And Hollywood actress and human rights activist Nazanin Boniadi has taken part in a documentary showing what life is like for refugees around the world. The short film, entitled “Stateless,” aims to raise awareness about refugees and to encourage governments to review policies which galvanize or heighten conflicts around the world.