November 9, 2017

Police in Tehran have started to use mobile phone text messaging to warn women drivers who violate the mandatory hijab dress code, said the Tehran Prosecutor General, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi.

“The experiment by the capital’s police to text notices to female drivers who violate the hijab rule has proven successful,” he said. “The move is aimed at reducing traffic accidents in Tehran.”

Dolatabadi blamed the defiance of the strict hijab rule by women drivers on “princesses who promote an aristocratic culture.” He added: “They are clients of beauty salons which charge exorbitant fees to do the hair and make up of brides and bridesmaids.”

Dolatabadi added, however: “The authorities must be wise and prudent in their efforts to tackle the violation of the hijab rule by female drivers.”

“Many social problems are caused by cultural and economic issues,” he explained. “For instance, the hijab is a question of personal beliefs and values. Beauty salons, on the other hand, are part of the greater economy. We need to be mindful of these facts when tackling social issues.” 

Dolatabadi said: “We believe that a marriage ceremony should be simple, and discourage elaborate and opulent ceremonies, even for people with the financial means. We are not in favor of Western-style aristocratic occasions. Therefore, we urge barber, beautician and stylist unions and cultural institutions to prevent efforts to glamorize marriage ceremonies.”

Dolatabadi also called on barber, beautician and stylist unions and the Health Ministry to launch a campaign against body piercing, tattooing and botox treatments.

There are currently 1,373 licensed beauty and hair salons in Tehran. Many others operate without permits, according to a report by the office of the Tehran prosecutor general. Police have identified 38 unlicensed salons that had been advertising their services on the internet, the report said. Over 1,200 hairdressers recently attended a hair and make up seminar held at Milad Tower in Tehran. The tutorial CD was on sale at the seminar for more than $150.