The Raw Power of the Street

By Yousef Mosaddeqi

January 12, 2018 The Iranian Green Movement [a.k.a Persian Awakening or Persian Spring] was born after the 2009 presidential election in which protesters demanded the removal of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office. Nearly nine years later, Iranians have, once again, held anti-government protests in cities all around the country, calling for a complete overhaul of the country’s political, economic and judicial system.

As social animals, human beings have historically gravitated towards groups and organizations. They have formed associations, societies, political parties, sports clubs and trade unions to assert their identities. The ruling elites of the Islamic Republic regime are no different. They are defined by their detention centers, notorious prisons and Basij forces [volunteer militia.]

Social media and the Internet provide a platform for the discontented public to voice its grievances against a brutal regime which has systematically violated the human rights of its citizens for nearly four decades. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram provide a forum for kindred spirits to   share and discuss their concerns about the political, social and economic affairs of the country. But sometimes, people have to leave the safe and comfortable environment of the Internet chat rooms and take to the streets in order to have their voices heard.

Streets bring people together but don’t give the public its identity. What defines protesters is their shared vision, common goal and sense of unity. On many occasions, raw emotions, anger and mob mentality lead to street violence. But street solidarity could evolve into a collective identity. As a grassroots movement, civil unrest could expose the failures of a deteriorating regime and forge the true identity of a nation.


  1. Remarkable. Correctly.The raw power. Precisely raw and fresh,inexperienced ,simply unbaked. They must be strategic ,not emotional, but now they are. The cannibalistic nature of the Iranian regime has provided an arsenal at it’s disposal to arrest,tourtue,rape and kill but this damned broken regime is only a corrupted business, not a government, at deathbed confession .These invaders are packing, fleeing,playing hide and seek to save their buffalo necks.The towel head dictator is already deep in his eternal hellish rest.Opium can’t cure this crop.We only need one final bullet in the head of this brutal ragime,STRIKES.Remember the oil refinery and chemical plants worker,s STRIKES before Khomeini’s arrival.Without them, perhaps Khomeini still was staring us from the dark side of the moon. Tell the people go home, stay home, be safe and keep alive, nothing can frighten these invaders more than empty streets.GO FOR STRIKE FOLKS.Thank you Mr.Mossadeghi,nice talking to you,Sir

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