IRGC Trains Minors as Riot Police Without Parental Consent, Report Says 

By Kayhan Life Staff

A series of photographs that have reportedly come out of Iran show boys aged 12 to 16 in Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) uniforms.

Several IRGC officers allegedly visited an all-boys high school in recent days, selecting a group of students in secondary school with strongly held religious beliefs.

The officers reportedly told the students that they would receive urban warfare training and be paid for their work after the current unrest ended. The students were also reportedly promised that their compulsory military service would be cut by six months as part of their reward.

Teenagers reportedly received training at the “Imam Ali” security battalion, where they posed for photographs in IRGC uniforms.

The IRGC reportedly recruited the teenage boys without the consent of their parents.

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