Iranian Nobel laureate urges U.S. to back protests with political sanctions

Reuters - Iranian Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi urged the United States and international community to support nationwide protests in Iran with political sanctions and not economic measures that could hit the general population


  1. Your Honer! When you speak, your precious words are some golden statements . The future HISTORIANS all ,need you and we need you to separate the nature of this savage regime with who, we, Iranians are.Many years ago Dr.Noorizadeh,made a comment in his weekly show , he said :How many Americans,British or Russians went to Mehrabad to welcome the greatest charlatan on the face of the earth ,the despicable Khomeini? None,zero,zilch! ONLY WE IRANIANS WENT.Perhaps he was there himself. I made a poster of his eyes opening comment , posted on my class room wall.Thousands of my students all have agreed ,YES, only we ,Iranians were the fools,the blinds and deceived.Yes madam!perhaps it is about time to start educating our people more with facts,truth and evidence against these invaders.Please educate us,the foreign powers can influence our politics but only the inspired and informed people, empower to change this bloody,inhuman satanic regime.PLEASE

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