A recent statement issued by more than 80 family members of prisoners in Iran, outlines crimes committed by the Islamic republic authorities, and demands an end to executions.

The text of the statement signed by those listed below, is as follows:

Stop Execution of Our Loved Ones

For more than forty three years, the deepening wound of execution and murder of citizens at the order of state authorities afflicts the body of our society.

Murdering citizens is not limited to the act of execution. In effect, the fall of every innocent protestor, who takes to the streets to solely demand justice against oppression and inequality, results in an ever-growing culture of fear and terror, and adds to the number of survivors who demand accountability.

Today, we witness increasing waves of executions based on a range of trumped up charges against individuals who under the banner of Women Life Freedom, demand nothing but justice.

We, families wounded by the loss of our loved ones, who were killed either while protesting on streets or in custody, raise our voices and demand an end to executions. Stay all death sentences. Halt execution for any charge or crime. We no longer allow you to murder our loved ones.

We invite all conscientious citizens, media outlets, and human rights defenders throughout the globe, to join our call to stop all executions in Iran and help rescue our loved ones through any means at your disposal. We repeat our call, we stand together and join our voices to call for an end to capital punishment. Stop executions.

  1. Parvaneh Al Bouyeh
  2. Farzaneh Mahjoub
  3. Jaber Najafi
  4. Mohammad Ali Nouri
  5. Houriyeh Farajzadeh Tarani
  6. Mashallah Karami
  7. Raheleh Rahemipour
  8. Akram Mesbah
  9. Mansoureh Khosroshahi
  10. Fatemeh Mehdizadeh
  11. Shahram Majdam
  12. Fereshteh Majdam
  13. Faezeh Majdam
  14. Mahnaz Karami
  15. Sakineh Ahmadi
  16. Ali Ketabdar
  17. Morteza Damvar
  18. Fereshteh Jahangiri
  19. Mehdi Shahbazi
  20. Reza Salmanzadeh
  21. Bibi Zahra Bakhtiari
  22. Saba Bakhtiari
  23. Mehrdad Bakhtiari
  24. Asef Bakhtiari
  25. Ehteram Shakouri
  26. Nahid Khodajou Dadkhah
  27. Soraya Yousefi
  28. Akram Neghabi
  29. Khadihej Moghaddam
  30. Akram Nouri
  31. Mahin Nouri
  32. Kheyrollah Nouri
  33. Nina Mousavi
  34. Arghavan Mousavi
  35. Maryam Eyni
  36. Hossein Mousavi
  37. Mitra Ebrahimi
  38. Deniz Toupchi
  39. Zahra Sarhadizadeh
  40. Fatemeh Sarhadizadeh
  41. Mercedeh Manaviparast
  42. Mojgan Manaviparast
  43. Majid Manaviparast
  44. Shida Rajabi
  45. Nasim Kalhori
  46. Bashir Manaviparast
  47. Homayoun Kalhori
  48. Mahrouz Kalhori
  49. Nikou Nikoui
  50. Farzaneh Barzekar
  51. Aghdas Rezaie
  52. Marziyeh Moghadam
  53. Peyman Rezaie
  54. Jiran Ahmadi
  55. Homa Vafa
  56. Sima Vafa
  57. Akram Abdous
  58. Abbas Khodadadi
  59. Simin Khodadadi
  60. Hamid Kosari
  61. Akram Kosari
  62. Masoumeh Nayeb
  63. Massoud Shekari
  64. Leila Seyfollahi
  65. Parvaneh Rad
  66. Nahid Saebfar
  67. Akram Nasiriyan
  68. Mahboubeh Karami
  69. Zahra Rafiei
  70. Nili Ma’arefi
  71. Abdollah Ma’arefi
  72. Akbar Ma’arefi
  73. Samira Farhadi
  74. Ali Farhadi
  75. Asghar Farhadi
  76. Fatemeh Mojtabaei Niaki
  77. Shirin Salimi
  78. Nosrat Farhadi
  79. Arin Shirbisheh
  80. Mohammad Karim Beygi
  81. Mahboubeh Ramezani
  82. Karim Mahmoudi
  83. Ebrahim Dezvari

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