Iranian-Canadian academic, Kavus Seyyed-Emam

SCOOP: Kayhan Life was the first media organization to report the arrest in Iran of the seven conservationists

February 10, 2018 Kavus Seyyed-Emami, one of seven members of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) arrested on charges of espionage, has reportedly killed himself in jail. Authorities at Tehran Evin prison have asked his family to claim his body.

Mr. Emami was a conservationist, a sociologist and a faculty member at Imam Sadeq University. Security agents arrested Emami on 24 January at his house. His family had not been able to contact him since his arrest.

“I can’t believe my father is gone. He was arrested on January 21. My mother was summoned to court on February 10 and was told that her husband had committed suicide. I just can’t believe it,” one of Emami’s children wrote in an Instagram.

Meanwhile, Abbas Jaffari Dowlatabadi, the Tehran Prosecutor, confirmed on February 10 that seven conservationists had been arrested on charges of espionage. “These individuals’ true mission was to collect sensitive strategic information about the country while working ostensibly as wildlife conservationists and environmentalists. They have all been arrested following a successful intelligence operation.”


  1. A very sad day, a new tragic event and a painful anniversary of the day my homeland was invaded, for the second time by the same savage tribe. Sadly Mr.Emami was murdered and he has joined thousands and thousands, who these invaders are responsible for their death. They died because ,who wants to be alive in this house of misery that this hellish regime has built for us and their main mission is : burning the books and burying the scholars,poets,artists and the pundits.The unacceptable death toll in this regime,s prisons reflect the reality of purposely direct and willfully homicide not suicide.When was the last time one of them or their collaborators has committed suicide in jail? Never ,there is a better choice for them . They all go to Canada, which one is better ? REALLY

  2. Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Kavous Emami and to all those who truly care about that ancient land. In the hope that there will soon be a time when the regime’s murderers are held accountable for their heinous crimes

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