#1 Kayhan Life Podcasts: With Kaveh Moussavi

In a landmark case, Hamid Nouri, an Iranian man suspected of being a deputy prosecutor engaged in the torture and execution of political prisoners in Iran in 1988, was arrested on November 9, at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport in Sweden. Nouri had traveled to Sweden to see relatives.

Despite legal loopholes which make it almost impossible to prosecute individuals for crimes like these, Swedish authorities invoked international legislation which legal experts say require Sweden to prosecute crimes against humanity, authorising officials to detain and arrest Nouri after touching down on Swedish soil.

News of the arrest has been welcomed by Iranian communities around the world, who see this case as an important step towards justice for the victims and their families.

Kaveh Moussavi, a human rights lawyer and former Head of Public Interest Law at Oxford University was instrumental in securing Nouri’s arrest.

In this podcast, Mr. Moussavi talks to Kayhan Life about the case, the political significance of Nouri’s arrest and what these developments mean within the context of Iran’s latest protests.

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