Sunday, July 3, 2022

Noosheh Joon

Noosheh Joon is a Persian phrase which is often translated as “may your soul be nourished”. Although there is no similar sentiment in English, it is a little like a wish for good health.

On this page, you will find Iran-inspired recipes from our weekly newsletter, featuring Persian cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs, food bloggers, and winners of our Kayhan Life Persian Cook-Off.

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Noosheh Joon!



Khoresh-e Goje Sabz – Persian Green Plum and Herb Stew

By I GOT IT FROM MY MAMAN Chef Hami Sharafi Khoresh-e Goje Sabz is a lamb and herb stew with Persian green plums. These plums are harvested...

Ash-e-Tarkhineh | Tarkhineh Persian Soup 

By Persian Good Team Ash-e-Tarkhineh is a popular dish in southwestern and southern states of Iran. The origin of the dish goes back to Lorestan...

Persian Style Taftan Bread

Video By Saadia’s Cuisine Written Recipe By Archana's Kitchen A leavened bread that is flavored with saffron and cardamom, and topped with Kalonji (black cumin) seeds. Note: I...