Ukraine and Russia: What You Need to Know Right Now

 – Ukrainian troops are recapturing towns east of Kyiv and Russian forces who had been trying to seize the capital are falling back on overextended supply lines, Britain said, an indication of a shift in momentum in the war. Read full story

The mayor of a suburb east of Kyiv said Ukrainian troops had retaken a nearby village and thousands of civilians were now leaving the area, answering a call from the authorities to get out of the way of the counter-attack.


* About 3.7 million people have left Ukraine since the conflict began, a U.N. refugee official said. Read full story

* A United Nations human rights team is looking into allegations that civilians have been forcibly moved from Mariupol to Russia, a senior official said. Read full story

* If Mariupol resident Alexandra’s husband could have stayed alive long enough to receive the humanitarian aid that finally came, he would have lived, she said. Read full story


* The United States assesses that Russia is suffering failure rates as high as 60% for some precision-guided missiles in Ukraine, three U.S. officials told Reuters. Read full story

* LVIV – The northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv has in effect been cut off by Russian forces, the regional governor said.

Governor Viacheslav Chaus also said the city was under fire from artillery and warplanes. Read full story


* The United States will supply the European Union with more liquefied natural gas (LNG) to help curb its reliance on Russian fossil fuels, U.S. President Joe Biden said as EU leaders met to deal with an energy crunch triggered by the war. Read full story

* European shares fell for a third straight session on Friday and were set to end the week lower as the Russia-Ukraine conflict kept investors cautious heading into the weekend. Read full story

* The Swiss trading arm of Russian energy firm Lukoil has scaled back operations after the oil company cut its supply of capital to guarantee nearly $1 billion in margin calls in the wake of sanctions, according to three sources. Read full story


* “I told my wife to grab the children and to hide in the basement, and I went to the drafting station and joined my unit straight away. And the next day from the army base we moved to the frontline.” Andriy, a Ukrainian soldier on the frontline northwest of Kyiv.

* “We have to stay fully, totally, thoroughly united.” – Biden in Brussels after meetings with Western allies. Read full story


(Compiled by Angus MacSwan)

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