People hold pictures of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN during a protest in support of the people of Gaza, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues, in Hebron, October 20, 2023. REUTERS/Yosri Aljamal

 – Russia believes it is necessary to maintain contacts with all sides in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the Kremlin said on Friday, defending a decision to invite a Hamas delegation to Moscow which has prompted Israeli anger.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the delegation had met with representatives of Russia’s foreign ministry but had had no contacts with the Kremlin.

Israel urged Russia on Thursday to expel the visiting Hamas delegation, calling their invitation to Moscow “deplorable”.

(Reporting by Reuters, Writing by Maxim Rodionov. Editing by Gareth Jones)


  1. I can understand Russias invitation for talks with Hamas in order to solve the conflict , perhaps ceasefire possible- this would be perfect. ( But I suppose: Israel will not want to share a ceasefire…)This conflict did not start at 7.october, it started 75 years before.And in my eyes the actual israelian government is an Apartheid regime.I am german but dont share the germans government position. I see both sides! Perhaps because I love germany but also the people and culture of Iran where I lived for 7-8 years of my life. The truth lies in the middle of germans position and the iranian position. I condemn Hamas for the 7. Ictober attack but also or even more the lack of food, water, fuel, medical equipment in Gaza and the bombing there with phosphorus bombs. Both ( Hamas, the behaviour of the occupyings lands government)have done or are doing criminal acts according to international humanitarian laws in my eyes. I hope there will not be a World War 3 because of this war. Because I love germany and europe but also Iran and arabic states nearby and I do not want mass destruction to happen. I understand germans special responsibility because of the murders of 6 Mio. Jews 80 years before. But: I like and love mosques, churches and synagoges- and want nothing to be destroyed. And: I appreciate Russias or Chinas talks with Hamas and Iran- so that they can perhaps force USA to reduce their unconditional support for Irael at the moment.I feel ashamed about germans governments position ! I do not watch german tv channels (here is some kind of censorship at the moment?I suppose)but my favourite channel: al jazeera ! For info about both sides !!!And of course: there has to be a two states solution in the future: one for Israel and one for Palestine… and Jerusalem/ al Kuds divided! With best wishes and nice greetings : Jens Giehoff, Germany ( and in the last 3 years: 60 percent: Shiras/ Iran), Physician

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