FILE PHOTO: Iranian clerics watch the firing of missile of Shahab 3 during a war game in a desert near the holy city of Qom, southeast of Tehran. REUTERS

 – Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) targeted the headquarters of “dissident groups” in Iraqi Kurdistan in the early hours of Monday with drones and missiles, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

The Revolutionary Guards have attacked Iranian Kurdish militant opposition bases in Iraq’s Kurdish region since the death of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini on Sept. 16 triggered nationwide unrest.

Iran has accused Iraq-based Kurdish militants of fomenting the unrest and threatened strikes against armed Iranian Kurdish dissidents.

The IRGC struck military bases in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region, aiming to destroy sites that were partly destroyed in previous attacks, Fars added.

The U.S. Central Command condemned the attack in a statement on Monday.

ANALYSIS: Russia Is Mastermind of Rocket Attacks on Iraqi Kurdistan

(Reporting by Elwely Elwelly)

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