Iranians protest outside a hotel, during a meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission, in Vienna, Austria, April 9, 2021. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

By Kayhan Life Staff

A group of Iranian political activists, artists, and athletes have written to the newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, urging him to continue his country’s efforts to weaken the Islamic Republic’s terrorist operations, and support the ongoing nationwide protests by the Iranian people.

Mr. Naftali Bennett took office on June 12, replacing former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On July 8, Prince Reza Pahlavi met and held talks with the heads of several Jewish organizations in the U.S.

There is no information on what the participants discussed in the meeting.

The following is the text of the letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, as published by Farashgard (Iran Revival):

July 8, 2021

Hon. Naftali Bennett Prime Minister of Israel
The Prime Minister’s OfficePublic Enquiries Department
Kiryat Ben Gurion, Building C
Jerusalem 91950, Israel

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

For more than four decades, threatening the existence of the state of Israel and hatred of the Jewish people has been an inseparable component of the Islamic Republic’s rule. In addition to its promotion of international terrorism, the regime has produced nothing but poverty, economic bankruptcy, suppression, and a myriad of social problems for the people of Iran. Iranians, specifically in the past several years, have come to the streets multiple times and bravely protested the Islamic Republic — protests that were suppressed in the most ruthless manner possible. For these reasons, both the prosperity and democratic future of Iranians and the safety of Israeli citizens and the Jewish people require the overthrow of this ideological and medieval regime that is on the cuff of acquiring a nuclear bomb.

We, the undersigned, in addition to congratulating you on your election to the post of Prime Minister of the State of Israel, request that you continue your nation’s correct policy of the past several years of weakening the terrorist forces of this regime, especially the IRGC, with increased decisiveness. The regime that massacres Iranian protesters in streets across our country is the head of the octopus whose tentacles are the terrorists who extend insecurity to the state of Israel and other nations in our region. To that end, we request that you decisively and comprehensively support the protests of the varying, but united, groups of the Iranian people bravely fighting to take charge of their own destiny through a democratic government, which will reestablish peaceful relations with its neighbors and the international community. We also request that you support the Iranian people with anti-filtering and anti-censorship technology.

The Iranian people have consistently and clearly expressed their opposition to the regime’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic policies. We believe that a democratic Iran, supported by its rich culture and history, will be a strategic ally of Israel and a productive member of the international community in establishing peace and stability, specifically in the Middle East. We await the day when the two ancient nations of Iran and Israel, under the auspices of the Cyrus Accords, establish serious political, cultural, economic, and technological relations and we believe that day is closer than ever.

With sincere respect,

Abdolreza Ahmadi, Former Political Prisoner, Member of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates

Ali (Meraj) Ansari, Athlete

Shiva Aronvi, Dentist, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Tayyeb Azmoudeh, Athlete

Sanaz Bagheri, Artist, Cartoonist

Ahmad Batebi, Journalist, Film Maker, Former Political Prisoner

Nasim Behrouz, Monarchist Activist, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Pooya Dayanim, Attorney, President of Iranian Jewish Public Affairs Committee (IJPAC)

Ahmad Eshghyar, Data Analyst, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Amirhossein Etemadi, Former Political Prisoner, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Majid Fallah, Athlete

Ivar Farhadi, Political Activist, Former Political Prisoner

Saba Farzan, Iranian-German Journalist, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

George Haroonian, Political Activist

Anahid Hosseinabadi, Artist, Singer

Mohamad Izadi, Monarchist Activist, Researcher in Philosophy, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Maëlie Kate Jalali, Jurist

Satggin Jalali, Monarchist Activist, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Cameron Khansarinia, Policy Director of National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI)

Nasser Khoshnevis, Political Activist

Bijan R. Kian, Co-founder and President of Institute for Voices of Liberty

Habil Mahoor, Athlete, Artist

Karmel Melamed, Attorney, Journalist

Maryam Memarsadeghi, Senior Fellow at Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Majid Mohammadi, Retired Faculty Member, Writer, Iran Analyst

Mehrang Moradi, Monarchist Activist, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Youhana Najdi, Researcher in Political Science, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Fred Saberi, Iranian-Swedish Political Analyst in Middle East affairs

Siavash Safavi, Former Political Prisoner

Hamed Sheibanyrad, Research Fellow at French National Center for Scientific Research, Member of Farashgard (Iran Revival)

Netanel Toobian, Media Analyst

Hamidreza Zarifinia, Journalist

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