Actor Hossein Erfani, Voice of Bogart in Dubbed Movies, Dies Age 76

Hossein Erfani, a renowned Iranian voice actor who dubbed domestic and foreign films, died on September 12 of lung cancer. He was 76.

In a career that spanned more than five decades, Mr. Erfani lent his voice to many well-known actors including Humphrey Bogart in movies such as “To Have and Have Not”, “The Big Sleep”, “Dark Passage”, “Key Largo”, “The Treasures of Sierra Madre,” and “The Left Hand of God.”


Hossein Erfani. Source: Kayhan London

Erfani also voiced over many other Hollywood actors including Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Charlton Heston, Harrison Ford, Gregory Peck, Robert Shaw, and Anthony Quinn.

He dubbed all seven characters played by German actor Dieter Hallervorden in “Nonstop Trouble with the Family,” a popular TV series in Iran.

Erfani provided the voice-over for the character of “Deputy Teymour Khan” played by Iranian actor Jahangir Forouhar in the 1976 TV series “My Uncle Napoleon.”

He also lent his voice to other Iranian actors, including Farmarz Gharibian in “The Deer” (1974), Kamran Bakhtar in “The Viper” (1993), Bahman Mofid in “Dash Akol” (1971), and Akbar Abdi in “Magical Journey” (1990).

Erfani began his career at the Moulin Rouge Studio in Tehran at the age of 19, dubbing characters in foreign films. In his first production, he dubbed American actor Orson Welles in the movie “The Stranger.”


Hossein Erfani. Source: Kayhan London

Erfani also acted in a few films before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, including “Respect Your Friend” (1977) and “Bitter and Sweet” (1974.)

He is survived by his wife Shahla Nazerian and daughters Mahsa and Rasta.

[Translated from Persian by Fardine Hamidi]