Women’s Volleyball League In Disarray, Says Saberi

Mahsa Saberi, a member of Iran Women’s National Volleyball Team, said recently: “The women’s volleyball league is in bad shape this season.”

“We had to choose between bad and worse,” she added.

Saberi, who also plays for Mazandaran’s Behmonir volleyball team, explained: “The league has no money. I’ve had fewer offers this year than ever before. I eventually signed with a lesser-known team. Luckily, it ended up being a good decision.”


  1. you must be happy, happy and lucky ! Is this your most important problem in Iran?women,s volley ball league in disarray? You are not living n Switzerland or in France. People are hungry,thousands in prison and live in misery. your problem ls not playing a happy game of volley balls ! Some thing makes me laughing ,i am not very SAD

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