The U.S. Welcomes the Sentencing of an Iranian Man to Life in Prison in Iraq

Matthew Miller. REUTERS./

By Kayhan Life Staff

The United States has welcomed the sentencing of an Iranian man and four Iraqis to life in prison for killing U.S. citizen Stephen Troell in Baghdad last year.

Iraqi court officials did not name the defendants but said the four Iraqis were members of a Shi’ite Muslim militia. They killed Troell during a botched attempt to kidnap him in November, police said at the time.

Iranian Man Jailed for Life for Killing US Citizen – Court Sources

The five men were arrested in Iraq soon after Troell’s murder. According to a legal source quoted by Reuters, “the Iranian man was the mastermind of the crime. ”

Matthew Miller, Department Spokesperson said, “we welcome the Iraqi court’s decision to convict and sentence multiple individuals on terrorism charges for their roles in the killing of U.S. citizen Stephen Troell. It is critical that all those responsible for the brutal, premeditated assassination of Mr. Troell face justice and accountability. We once again extend our condolences to Mr. Troell’s family and hope this verdict brings them some measure of justice.”

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