OPINION: Iranian Trade Unionist Narges Mansouri Delivers Nowruz Message 

Narges Mansouri.

[The following is a letter submitted to Kayhan Life by Narges Mansouri. She is a labor and women’s rights activist in Iran and a member of the Worker’s Syndicate of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, which has been connected to current protests and several arrests in Iran. Ms Mansouri is also affiliated with the “14-person declaration” which calls for attention to women’s rights and a referendum in Iran, and leads grassroots mobilization efforts to push for change on the ground.  The opinions expressed are her own.]

I extend my congratulations to everyone, especially the great nation of Iran, on the occasion of the ancient feast of Nowruz and the regeneration of the planet Earth.

It is a matter of pride that all of the people who celebrate Nowruz in different parts of the world alongside Iranians have a common identity: ancient Iranian rituals such as not only Nowruz itself, but Tirgan, Mehregan, Yalda, the Sedeh celebration, and Sepandarmazgan.These are all rituals that Iranians have been celebrating and observing for thousands of years.

Despite all of the efforts made by the enemies of Iran over the past four decades to create enmity around Iran’s trans-sectarian and trans-ethnic cultures and ceremonies, which are the proof of our national identity, the Iranian people have shown that despite all of the problems they face and the struggles they have with their livelihood, work, politics, the economy, and matters big and small, they still adhere to the ancient beliefs of their land, because the Iranian people know that their essence and power is in their common identity.

I can boldly say that Nowruz is the common language of all Iran-loving libertarians around the world, and that Nowruz is a trans-ideological and humanistic belief that emanates from the cradle of human civilization.

My compatriots,

At the beginning of the solar new year, my wish for each and every one of you, my country and the world, is a year full of peace, security, and tranquility. 

Remember and believe that this dream is achievable if we strive for it.

In order to have a decent life and to have a bright future for the children of this land and region, and to have a prosperous and free Iran in which there is no prison, no torture, no execution, no ignorance, no superstition, no prejudice, each of us must be responsible. Let us witness the dawn of freedom and democracy in our beloved land of Iran.

In the hope of celebrating the victory of the great nation of Iran.

Happy Nowruz 

Narges Mansouri

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