Open Letter Calls on the E.U. to Stop Supporting The Iranian Government

European foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini attends a swearing-in ceremony for Iranian president Hassan Rouhani for a further term, at the parliament in Tehran, Iran, August 5, 2017. REUTERS

By Natasha Phillips

An open letter signed by more than 200 Iranians living inside and outside Iran, asks E.U. officials to end their efforts in assisting the Iranian government, after Donald Trump imposed a second round of sanctions on Iran earlier this month. The letter, which was sent to the European Union’s headquarters, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, ambassadors of various countries, and other individuals and organizations, is still gathering signatures.

The U.S. government re-imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic after pulling out of the nuclear deal, in a move that America claims is designed to alter the Iranian government’s behavior. Opponents of the sanctions have suggested that America’s strategy is really an attempt at destabilizing Iran, with a view to overthrowing the current regime.

Europe and America remain in a deadlock over the best way forward on Iran. While the U.S. has chosen to impose sanctions on Iran’s economy, affecting its oil, shipping and banking industries, E.U. officials have kept Iran at the negotiating table, offering to find ways around the sanctions. In August, European officials, who are trying to keep the nuclear deal alive, offered to put together a financial package to help Iran sustain itself economically.  A further attempt at offering support in September led to the E.U. exploring the idea of setting up a special purpose vehicle, to facilitate trade with Iran. The E.U.’s slow progress in delivering these initiatives has frustrated oil executives and businessmen, who believe the European Union’s attempts at helping the country’s troubled economy are nothing more than symbolic gestures to show its support for the nuclear deal and to keep Rouhani on side.

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The open letter reflects the view that the E.U.’s support for Iran’s government is misplaced, and will do nothing to improve Iranian officials’ behavior both at home and on the world stage, and will disproportionately impact Iranians living inside the country. The list of signatories include media personality Mahbobeh Hosseinpour, whose brother Ardeshir Hosseinpour, was a nuclear scientist whose death has been linked to both the Iranian government and Mossad;  Behieh Jailani, a UNESCO advisor, human rights activist and former political prisoner; Fred Saberi, a Middle East analyst, Swedish-Iranian politician and activist; Sheila Farhang, a legal expert and former political prisoner in Iran; Zaman Feyli, a journalist and refugee in the Netherlands who has been persecuted by the Iranian government for his political activism; Elahe Rahroniya, an actress and writer who was also persecuted for criticizing the Iranian government; Reza Parchizadeh, an international political theorist and analyst and Hayedeh Tavakkoli, Secretary General of The Constitutional Party of Iran.

Open Letter to EU

Do Not Assist the Islamic Republic

Dear Delegates of the European Union,

As you are aware, the Islamic Republic, for its nearly forty years in power, has only produced violence against Iran, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Today, as the Iranian people and the world’s democratic movements have placed the Iranian regime under pressure, the European Union is expected, as a safeguard for democracy, to discontinue any kind of support for the Islamic Republic so that European countries no longer witness the jihadist movements backed by the Iranian regime.

The emergence of suspected terrorists in France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and recently Denmark has seriously threatened the security of all citizens as well as undermining the moral basis of life in those countries. As such, the member states of the EU are currently targeted by the assassination plans of the intelligence agencies of the Islamic Republic and terrorist groups that are in their service.

Therefore, we, the signatories of this letter, from various walks of life but all opponents of the Islamist regime in Iran and advocates of peace, stability and democracy in Iran and the world, call upon the European Union to discontinue any kind of assistance to and maintenance of the brutal and reactionary regime in Iran.


  1. Fred Saberi -Sweden
  2. Zamn Feyli- Netherlands
  3. Reza Parchizadeh- USA
  4. Said Rahbar- Sweden
  5. Shayan Arya- USA
  6. Maryam Moazenzadeh- Netherlands
  7. Roya Araghi – Canada
  8. Faryar Asadian- Germany
  9. Bahieh Jaillani – France
  10. Masoumeh Mohammadinia- Japan
  11. Hayedeh Tavakoli – UK
  12. Hamidreza Samimipour- Switzerland
  13. Parivash Saadati- USA
  14. Namdar Hussainy – Sweden
  15. Avideh Rafaëla Motmaenfar – Canada
  16. Masoumeh Norouzzad – Canada
  17. Hoshang Asadi – Sweden
  18. Sajjad Haghpanah- Sweden
  19. Amir Ardelan – France
  20. Faria Salimi- Iran
  21. Amir Amiri – Germany
  22. Rozita Moneyron-  France
  23. Afsaneh Chatran- Finland
  24. Fariba Majdnia – Denmark
  25. Fatmeh Minaei-  USA
  26. Maly Rouzbeh- USA
  27. Alireza Shagaghi- Germany
  28. Satrap Manteghi- USA
  29. Nahid Manteghi- USA
  30. Hamid Momtaz Sanati- Switzerland
  31. Shole Pakravan- Germany
  32. Bersabeh Bagheri- USA
  33. Fariba Amanzadeh – France
  34. Roya Araghi – Canada
  35. Masoud Ebrahimzadeh- Germany
  36. Siamak Oskuei- Australia
  37. Raiz Mogimi – UK
  38. Masoumeh Norouzzad – Canada
  39. Negar Motamed- Canada
  40. Ebrahim Ramshini- Germany
  41. Fariba Sadjadi – Belgium
  42. Azizeh Sabouri – UK
  43. Forough Zabihi- usa
  44. Teymour Shakari – Norway
  45. Leila Yazdani-  Sweden
  46. Vahab Kord Garchaloo- Sweden
  47. Ali Moghadam Rahmani – Sweden
  48. Arash Parsa- Sweden
  49. Mohamad Ahmadi- Sweden
  50. Hoshang Parsa – Sweden
  51. Aptin Zavareh-  Sweden
  52. Neda Amin- Israel
  53. Behroz Aryabod -France
  54. Shahryar Mohamadi- France
  55. Ali Reza Golizadeh- Germany
  56. Fahime Mohamadi- Germany
  57. Ali Khodadadi- Germany
  58. Reza Sarshar- France
  59. Porya Mansore- Italy
  60. Aresh Aryamer- UK
  61. Hosin Rostayi – UK
  62. Bahar Moradi-  UK
  63. Susan Moradi- UK
  64. Abdola Karmani- UK
  65. Hohshan Jabari- Italy
  66. Roya Abadani- Turkey
  67. Fatemeh Ahanien- Netherlands
  68. Shiva Moghadam- Germany
  69. Negin Hamedi –  Sweden
  70. Niloofar Hamedi- Sweden
  71. Nima Khanjani-  Sweden
  72. Shokhofeh Azar Masouleh – Turkey
  73. Forough Zabihi – USA
  74. Atefeh Tabesh-  Canada
  75. Samie Sobati- Germany
  76. Yousof Sobati- Germany
  77. Kosar Sobati- Germany
  78. Parastoo Mahini- Germany
  79. Nahid Haddadi- UK
  80. Ladan Ramezani- Sweden
  81. Sara Safiri- Sweden
  82. Genous Sassani- Denmark
  83. Fariba Shirvany – Sweden
  84. Abdolhamid Masoumi- Sweden
  85. Shahriar Bahrami- UK
  86. Lida Sheybani- UK
  87. Ladan Sheybani- UK
  88. Mehrdad Malakzadeh – Germany
  89. Niloufar Malekzadeh – Germany
  90. Manzar Taimouri- UK
  91. Kourosh Kasra- UK
  92. Mira Nassiri- Canada
  93. Banafsheh Agasi- UK
  94. Sharareh Shirvani – USA
  95. Nazanin Pakizehmanesh- UK
  96. Hassan Keshvary – Germany
  97. Nooshin Yavari- Iran
  98. Payam Shafahi- Iran
  99. Shahram Shafahi- Iran
  100. Hamid Manteghi- USA
  101. Arezoo Manteghi- Iran
  102. George Zomorodi – UK
  103. Ladan Taraz – Sweden
  104. Parastoo Manteghi – USA
  105. Sara Sadeghian – Netherlands
  106. Shiva Daneshfar  Iran
  107. Shida Daneshfar- Iran
  108. Parastoo Amiry – UK
  109. Ali Mohseni – USA
  110. Taghi Amouzegar- France
  111. Naser Hassany – France
  112. Maryam Naderi- Germany
  113. Sirous Pakdel- USA
  114. Siavash Latif- UK
  115. Afshin Payravi- UK
  116. Gstel Sadre- Belgium
  117. Mohsen Atarodi- USA
  118. Naser Mostashar- Germany
  119. Alireza Morovati- USA
  120. Mahmoud Imani – France
  121. Dana Firouzi- Canada
  122. Zahra Nouri- Canada
  123. Mahdiyeh Farahani- Germany
  124. Reza Saba- USA
  125. Khosrow Zarefarid- USA
  126. Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb- Iran
  127. Ali( Bardia ) Sapand Bakhtiari- USA
  128. Setareh Mihandoost- Denmark
  129. Negar Motamed-USA
  130. Sheila Farhang – Netherlands
  131. Daniel Tousi – USA
  132. Mohammad Hejabi – Netherlands
  133. Elahe Rahroniya- Sweden
  134. Farahmand Kalayeh- USA
  135. Shan Ghanbari- USA
  136. Amir Ezati – Finland
  137. Sipan Silwaneyi-  Australia
  138. Viktoria  Azad- Sweden
  139. Fazael Azizan- USA
  140. Babak Asiaie- Germany
  141. Shahram Darvish – Germany
  142. Farhad Taleshi- UK
  143. Salim Fani- USA
  144. Jamshid Ohebsion- Iran
  145. Reza Mostofi – UK
  146. Sirwan Mansouri- Turkey
  147. Farzad Azizi – Sweden
  148. Walt Martin- USA
  149. Sacha Sadigh – USA
  150. Mitra Dolikhani- Canada
  151. Akram Ebrahimi- Iran
  152. Kendra Malczyk- USA
  153. Shabnam Assadollahi- Canada
  154. Ahmad Jalali – Germany
  155. Shahram Banihashem- Canada
  156. Pari Zati- Canada
  157. Cyrus Assadollahi- Canada
  158. Shahrzad Nojoumi- Canada
  159. Amir Vala – Canada
  160. Maryam Moazami- Germany
  161. Golnar Soroosh- Australia
  162. Afshin Khosravi Bakhtiari- Australia
  163. Ahmad Moghimi- France
  164. Omid Karami- UK
  165. Hamid Momtaz Sanati- Sweden
  166. Mehdi Ghatei – Australia
  167. Masoomeh Lorestani- Australia
  168. Zina Tehrani- USA
  169. Farzad Jalalian- Norway
  170. Mamdou Safaei- USA
  171. Shahryar Parsipour- USA
  172. Zahra Nouri- Canada
  173. Maryam Ipak- USA
  174. Afshin Payravi- UK
  175. Hamid Sharifi – Germany
  176. Shirin Najafizadeh- Turkey
  177. Homayoun Naderifar – Australia
  178. Saadi Azimian- USA
  179. Reza Vazi- Turkey
  180. Hooshang Lahooti – Australia
  181. Fereshteh Naji Habib Zadeh – USA
  182. Aliakbar Omidmehr – Denmark
  183. Jahanshah Rashidian- Germany
  184. Aario Shahbany – Germany
  185. Fatemeh Jamshidmalicheh- Turkey
  186. Reza Negahdari- France
  187. Siavash Abghari- USA
  188. Babak Mani- Iran
  189. Nasser Darabi- USA
  190. Pirooz Mohebi – USA
  191. Mc Amino Arya- Switzerland
  192. Merikh Moradi- Germany
  193. Hamidreza Bourhani – Belgium
  194. Farnoed Azari – Belgium
  195. Maryam Salehi- Germany
  196. Shirin Karimi- USA
  197. Golnar Javahery- USA
  198. Mitra Salar- USA
  199. Shapour Bahrami – USA
  200. Paya Rastgoonia- France
  201. Reza Hosseinbor – UK
  202. Esfandyar Gholamrezaie – Iran
  203. Manochehr Aslanpour – Norway
  204. Kameran Mirwaysi – Norway
  205. Kambiz Soltanein – USA
  206. Tahmineh Bakhshak- Denmark
  207. Hassan Hosseini – Philippines
  208. Mahbobeh Hosseinpour – USA
  209.  Mina Iranmanesh – Iran