Iran, United States to Discuss Options before More Nuclear Talks, EU Official Says

BRUSSELS, April 16 (Reuters) – Negotiating teams for Iran and the United States will return home for internal discussions on how to rescue the 2015 nuclear deal, a European Union official said on Friday, after Tehran’s decision to ramp up uranium enrichment complicated talks in Vienna.

“I think the two most relevant delegations will go back home to receive more precise instructions and then, I don’t know when, we will resume,” the EU official said. The European Union is chairing Vienna talks aimed at reviving the nuclear deal.

“We have this (Iranian) decision to go for 60% enrichment. Obviously, this is not making the negotiation easier,” the official said, also noting an act of sabotage at an Iranian nuclear site.

The 2015 agreement sought to make it harder for Iran to develop an atomic bomb in return for lifting sanctions. The United States withdrew from the accord but now wants to re-join.

(Reporting by Robin Emmott)

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