Iran to Ban Dual-Nationals, Green Card Holders From Running for Presidency

FILE PHOTO/REUTERS./ A couple looks at electoral posters at the corner of a square in northern Tehran.

DUBAI, Dec 15 (Reuters) – Iran’s hardliner-led parliament passed a measure on Tuesday to ban dual nationals and holders of foreign residency from running in presidential elections, after speculation that some officials may hold Green Cards from the United States.

The measure, passed in a session carried live on state radio, still needs to be approved by a high clerical council before it takes effect.

Hardline figures and media outlets have long speculated that some senior officials, such as U.S.-educated Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, hold dual nationalities or U.S. residency and that this posed a security risk. Zarif has denied even applying for a Green Card.

Iran is due to hold presidential elections in June 2021, in which President Hassan Rouhani cannot run, having served two consecutive four-year terms.

(Reporting by Dubai newsroom Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky)

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