President of France, Emmanuel Macron

February 10, 2018 French President Emmanuel Macron has set three conditions for his forthcoming visit to Tehran, according to Javad Karimi Ghodoosi, a member of the National Security Committee of the Majlis (the Iranian Parliament).

“In a message, the French President and Foreign Minister [Jean-Yves Le Drian] have highlighted three important issues which they wish to discuss during their  visit to Tehran,” Ghodoosi told reporters on January 3. “President Macron’s first request is to meet Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.”

EU member countries seek to amend the JCPOA – the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, better known as the Iran nuclear deal – to include Tehran’s ballistic missile program, which has been a major source of concern for the current U.S. administration. President Macron appears to want a concession from Mr. Khamenei on this issue.

“Mr. Macron has also requested for a joint news conference with President Hassan Rouhani to be held at the end of his visit, during which Iran would announce its willing to discuss its missile program,” Ghodoosi explained.

“President Macron has called for trilateral discussions between Iran, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. over the conflict in Yemen and the regional crisis,” he added.

Mr. Macron’s aim appears to be to convince Tehran that the only way to safeguard the JCPOA would be to comply with the U.S.’s new and tougher demands.


  1. I wish Mr.Macronad ads one more condition to all the above. Forget about the human rights,envirement,prisoners,corruption,terrorism,No problem.These are minor issues. I only wish he asks his Iranian guests ,please take a shover,wash your teeth,don,t shovel your share into, down your throat and don’t pick your teeth in public. They can use rose water in case, no cologne.merci

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