Medical NGO MSF Surprised by Iran Decision to Cancel Coronavirus Mission

French Medical NGO MSF
FILE PHOTO: French medical NGO MSF sends inflatable hospital to Iran to treat COVID-19. REUTERS./

PARIS, March 24 (Reuters) – French medical charity MSF said on Tuesday it did not understand a decision by Iranian authorities to cancel a mission it had prearranged to set up a facility to fight coronavirus in Isfahan.

“We are surprised to learn that the deployment of our treatment unity is cancelled”, Michel-Olivier Lacharite, who is in charge of Medecins Sans Frontieres crisis response team, said in a statement.

He said the group had been given prior approval and were ready to set up the 50-bed unit at the end of the week. He said they were still ready to deploy on Iran or elsewhere on the region.

(Reporting by John Irish; Editing by BenoƮt Van Overstraeten)