Mrs. Jehan Sadat, the former First Lady of Egypt and a prominent campaigner for women’s rights, passed away last week — nearly four decades after her husband Anwar Sadat was assassinated during a military ceremony in Cairo.

When Mohammad Reza Shah and Empress Farah were exiled from their homeland after the Revolution of 1979, President and Mrs. Sadat were among the very few world leaders to host them.

The following is Empress Farah’s homage to Mrs. Sadat:

Text of The Message by Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi On the Occasion of

The passing of Mrs. Jehan Sadat

18 Tir 1400- 9 July 2021

“The world just lost an illustrious personality of stellar qualities. I am bereaved by the loss of a dear friend who in the darkest days of our family’s life stood by our side and overwhelmed us by her kindness and friendship. Some forty years have indeed gone since President Anvar Sadat welcomed us to the ancient land of Egypt at a time no country was willing to receive us, a memory which is deeply anchored in the collective memory of Iranians. My children and I shall always treasure the memory of the cordiality and kindness that was extended to us by President and Lady Jahan Sadat and their children.

In the course of these difficult years, whenever my family and I travelled to Cairo to mark the anniversary of the death of my husband, the late Shah  of Iran, Jahan Sadat was there with us to lighten the distress and burden of adversities we had all endured. She was a true companion and great support by the side of her illustrious husband through the most challenging times; she took great strides for the promotion of rights and status of Egyptian women. Her name as one of the most effective advocates of gender equality and non-discrimination against women shall remain in annals.

I wish to express my heartfelt condolences over the loss of this dear and inestimable friend to her children, Gamal, Lola, Noha and Jehan.

May she rest in peace and her memory endure.”

Farah Pahlavi


FILE PHOTO: Farah Pahlavi (L), the wife of the last Shah of Iran, pays her respects at his tomb at the Al Rifa'i Mosque with Jehan Sadat, on the 27th anniversary of the Shah's death in Cairo, July 25 2007. Sadat is the widow of Anwar Sadat. REUTERS/Tara Todras-Whitehill