A Young Italian Traveller Recounts His Experiences in Iran

Giorgio Zanella is a 29-year-old Italian from Trento in northern Italy – and a regular traveler to Iran. Kayhan London caught up with Giorgio to find out about his experiences in the country. Q: What made you decide to go to Iran in the first place? A: I saw a documentary about ancient Iran and its culture when I was 14. Two years later, I started to learn more about post-Islamic Iran: I studied the history of Iran during the Safavid period, and examples of Islamic art and architecture in the country. I am interested in the art, culture, architecture and history of the Middle East, so I travel as much as I can. I first saw Persian art on a trip to Uzbekistan. When I got back to Italy, I tried to make friends with Iranian students who were studying in my city. In the end, I decided to visit the country. Q: How did the visa process go? A: It was not very difficult. A friend and I applied for the visa at the Iranian embassy in Italy. We were told that we had to book a hote
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